Share to Get

Your best marketers are your raving fans. Ask not what they can do for you, but what you can do for them … and give them something to rave about!

Share to Give

With Yaystack, sharing really is caring. Support your charity of choice by donating a portion of proceeds as a thank you for sharing.

Win Win

Who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it too? Give both offers AND donations to spread the love. Everybody wins!


Founded in 2010, Perc Coffee’s mission is simple: create amazing coffee that people love to share. And Yaystack is helping Perc do just that. Looking to expand its online sales, Perc turned to Yaystack to drive more traffic to its site and immediately saw a 200% increase in orders over the previous year. Yaystack is excited to partner with Perc to create a unique coffee experience.



  • Up to 50 shares/month*
  • Dashboard & Analytics


  • Up to 200 shares/month*
  • Dashboard & Analytics


  • Up to 500 shares/month*
  • Dashboard & Analytics


  • Contact a customer success representative to discuss how we can tailor your options

* An overage charge of $0.49/share will apply when you exceed your plan share limit unless you upgrade plans.

Any platform that you use to sell online! Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions to simply inject the Yaystack Javascript code into the header or footer of your site.

Practice does make perfect! The two biggest factors that separate great offers from okay offers are incentive and content. You want to ensure that you properly incentivize your customers to share. Remember, they are your biggest fans and they would love to share with their friends but you want to make sure your incentive is worth it to him/her to share. Second, the content that you ask your buyers to share is very important. This is their social reputation and your brands image that we are talking about. Incentivize customers properly to share and use great content to reach their friends.

There is never a long-term commitment when you use Yaystack. You are billed monthly based on the plan that you have chosen. The only additional cost is a $0.49 per-share fee that occurs if you exceed your plan’s share limit, and you don’t upgrade your plan.

On average each share has the potential to reach 435 friends. Our customers also see an average of 8.5 site visitors as a result of each share.

We find that every 1 to 2 weeks is best. Remember you are trying to incentivize customers to share, and making sure that the offers are new will not only create urgency for customers, but will also keep them coming back to your site to see what’s new for them to share about.

The widget will automatically appear when there is a live offer in your calendar, and we will hide the widget on your site when there is not a current offer scheduled.

Once the offer has expired on your site, customers are no longer able to access their offer via the “Retrieve My Code” tab on the widget. If they have stored their unique code somewhere outside of the website, it is then up to you to decide if you will still accept those codes for the expired offer through your POS system.